Bharatheeya Kalalayam Switzerland Is A Non-Profit Organization Founded In 1999 To Promote Social
And Cultural Activities Among Malayalees In Switzerland. We Present Both The Heritage And
Contemporary Arts In The Field Of Theatre, Music And Dance. Amongst Others, Bharatheeya
Kalalayam Not Only Promotes International Exchange And Cooperation But Also Helps To Preserve
The Culture And Values That Have Been Instrumental In Making Our Identity.

We Believe In Promoting Art And Culture To Our Next Generation By Conducting Special Events And
Competitions That Enhance Learning And Serves To Bring Out The Best Talents Within Our

Bharatheeya Kalalayam – The Main Event We Celebrate Every Year Is Bharatheeya Kalolsavam Which
Is An Exhibition Of Our Rich Culture, Art And Tradition. This Event Is A Mix Of Competitions And
Cultural Shows Aiming At Promoting Various Art Forms In Our Community

Charity To Help Out The Not So Fortunate Is At The Centre Of Our Mission And We Reach Out To The
Needy With Support From Our Friends And Sponsors.